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Ari's Academy


Private Lessons to Meet Your Learning Needs

The goal in my music lessons is for my students to become well-rounded, competent, and creative musicians. Music is a language and a powerful form of self-expression.


As an instructor, I aim to teach my students how to use their instruments to communicate with music. 

Good technique and proficiency on an instrument is foundational to becoming a good musician. Before someone can write poems or novels in any language, they must first learn what the words mean and how to construct sentences. My primary musical tools have been the guitar and the bass. Thus, I teach students how to play music by teaching them the guitar or the bass. However, there is so much more to music than technique. Good music requires the musician to have good time, listening, feel, tone, groove, and much more. Knowing when not to play can be as important as knowing when to play. I find that the best way to learn the subtleties of musicianship is to play along with songs or other musicians in a live format. This is a way of "learning on the job" and it provides a more experiential and engaged way of learning. This approach is a defining feature of my lessons, and I find that as students learn songs and improvise along with them, they not only improve the tangible techniques and skills they are working on, but they also start to discover their own musical voice.   

Guitar & Bass


 I am offering guitar and bass lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. This includes lessons on the acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, as well as on the upright bass.
While the curriculum is different for every student depending on their skill level and interests, the topics I cover in my lessons include the following and more:


  • Guitar and bass technique 

  • Learning songs

  • Soloing and improvisation

  • Reading music and sight reading

  • Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass approaches to playing in a group

  • Music theory

  • Songwriting and composition

  • Music production


I am currently accepting new students and offering both in-person and online lessons (via Skype). All music lessons are 1 hour long. 


Ari Teaches

Also Offering Math & Science Tutoring

(for School Age Students)

Let’s Work Together

Every student has unique needs for support. Tell me more about what you are hoping I can do for you, and I will start on a plan to help you get what you need. Send me an email and we can schedule a free 15 minute informational call.

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