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Ari Melinger-Cohen at Tone Mountain



Tone Mountain is located in Boulder, CO. The studio is focused on capturing high quality analogue sound. The studio has two sound treated rooms for recording, a high fidelity listening space for mixing, a microphone locker of over 15 high-end microphones (condensers, ribbons, and dynamics), an analogue outboard chain for recording and mixing including 20 channels of world-class preamps and converters, and a wide collection of instruments and amplifiers to play through. The studio has a wide array of digital plugins and software instruments available to create and shape sounds to any taste. Pro Tools is most frequently used for recording, but Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and LUNA are available as well, if the project demands. 

The studio offers services for pre-production (composition and arranging), production (which entails orchestrating the execution of making the music), recording, and mixing.


Please inquire for a quote specific to your project.


tone mountain productions FINAL LOGO_WHITE.png

16 channels  Metric Halo ULN-8

4 channels  UAD Apollo x4 

Focal Trio 6 Be Monitors

ADK Z67 and Z251 tube condensers

Pearlman TM-LE tube condenser

Matched pair Gefell M300 pencil condensers

Matched pair Beyerdynamic M160 ribbons

AEA R84 ribbon

AKG C414 condenser

Electrovoice RE20 dynamic

Sennheiser e609 dynamic

Telefunken m80 dynamic

Beyerdynamic m201 pencil dynamic

Shure SM57’s and SM58’s

Sennheiser e935 dynamic

Audiotechnica ATM250 dynamic

5x 3 Zigma hybrid condensers (12, 47, 67, 251)


Bass guitars

Upright bass

Acoustic Guitars

Electric guitars

Modded Fender Pro Reverb Amplifier

Drum kit

Roland Juno-DS 77-key keyboard

(Virtual) Instruments


IK Multimedia Hammond B3x

Native Instruments Komete Ultimate


16 Channels Metric Halo ULN-8 preamps

2 channels Aurora Audio GTQ2 

2 channels Sonic Farm Creamer+

4 Channels Universal Audio Apollo x4

Sonic Farm Tantra Bass preamplifier


Empirical Labs EL8x Distressor

Audioscape Engineering 76D (1176)

Audioscape Engineering Opto comp (LA-2A)

Audioscape Engineering Bus comp (SSL G bus comp)


Isotope RX9

Many UAD plugins

Slate Trigger 2

Sound Radix Auto-Align

And many more.


A-Designs Hammer 2

Aurora Audio GTQ2

Ari Melinger-Cohen at Tone Mountain

Meet Ari Melinger Cohen

Engineer & Producer at Tone Mountain

Ari is a musician first, and approaches engineering from a uniquely musical angle. With 15 years of experience creating and performing music in a variety of genres and groups, he brings a versatile and attuned ear to help artists craft the sound they are looking for. He studied engineering with Jay Elliot of IntroVertigo Recording and offers his knowledge and skills to help in the processes of writing, arranging, tracking, mixing, and producing music.

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Boulder, CO


Tel  | 301.741.3843

The studio is open 7 days a week:


Monday - Friday 8am - 11pm

Saturday - 10am - 11pm

Sunday - 12pm - 11pm

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