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'Shine On' Official Music Video Out Now

The official music video for "Shine On" by Ari Melinger-Cohen

Starring: Ashley Willfire, Zea Stallings, Ari Melinger-Cohen, Andy Babb

Video filmed by Andy Babb and Lara Elle

Video produced and directed by Andy Babb

Music and Lyrics written by Ari Melinger-Cohen

Music produced and recorded by Ari Melinger-Cohen at Tone Mountain Productions

Drum recording and mixing by Jay Elliot at IntroVertigo Recordings

Mastering by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering

Ashley Willfire, Zea Stallings, Ari Melinger-Cohen - Lead Vocals Sam Genualdi - Pedal Steel Forrest Kelly - Drums Jon Wirtz - Organ Ari Melinger-Cohen - Bass and Acoustic Guitar Andy Babb, Lara Elle, Ashley Willfire, Erica Shapiro - Background Vocals

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