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'Feathered Tides'

Ari Melinger Cohen Debut Album

Available on all streaming platforms

“Catchy rock melodies with very driving rhythmic force makes this song full of positive vibes. Lead vocal expands this song perfectly, but with that amazing electric guitar lead and its smooth riffs, lifts this song to a next level. Background vocals adds more depth to the song, layering it so well. ”

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Ari Melinger-Cohen

Ari is a musician, producer and audio engineer based in Boulder, CO. His life work is bringing ideas and feelings to life through music, as both an artist and collaborator. He is an active part of the Colorado music scene, producing, recording, and mixing music in his studio, gigging on the bass, performing his original songs solo and with groups, and running live sound. He offers private music lessons for guitar and bass students and mentorships in music production and engineering. With 15 years of experience creating and performing music in a diverse array of professional settings, he brings a versatile and attuned ear to all the projects he is a part of. 

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Mixer Keys

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